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IN YOUR MIND     by DERRICK SANTINI  11 – 22   JUNE 2015

Pertwee, Anderson & Gold gallery 15 Bateman St London W1D 3AQ 


Following on from his headline-grabbing solo exhibition ‘Metamorphosis’ at SCREAM gallery in 2012, and ‘I Love You,’ at Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery in 2010, ‘In Your Mind’ completes Santini’s holy trinity of corporal and mythological lenticular exhibitions.

The complicated lenticular process of layering a series of still images into one merged file and then printing onto the back of a special ribbed plastic sheet, which acts as a lens, enables Santini to give life to his otherworldly ideas. Spending last year photographing his subject and muse (Katie Keight) in various swimming pools and the Majorcan ocean, before taking the traditional lenticular process to another level by creating animated loops from the edited sets of stills, and transporting the model into various scenarios: She becomes a Mermaid swimming in the depths of the sea, a naked nymph jetting through the sky in a rainbow colored bubble, a 90s rave chick in a Soul II Soul-esque video clip, and a 70s space cadet pirouetting through the galaxy in a Kubrickian space craft.

The exhibition ‘In Your Mind’ will feature 14 new large-scale lenticular prints.  Santini is also creating an installation at the entrance of the gallery that will take the visitor on a journey underwater, with a giant Lenticular wall piece of the figure swimming alongside the viewer as they enter the show, and take a trip inside the mind of the artist.

In this exhibition Santini’s imagery truly seems to come of age after embracing digital photography – formerly a film purist, with the new Lenticular body of work he has found that digital techniques give him the freedom to experiment and create moving and still images, which facilitates his exploration of technical questions such as the diffraction of light, whilst answering much more cerebral questions about birth, life, death, creation, ultimately Love.

By shooting in water he has been able to continue the obsession with mythology and the human condition, that was evident in his Leda and the Swan and Magpie series featured in ‘Metamorphosis’, by creating a Mermaid who gives life to his new series of Lenticular prints.  Santini’s Lenticular of a naked woman with a Swan caught the attention of the Metropolitan Police when it was exhibited in the window of SCREAM gallery in 2012, who promptly requested it’s withdrawal from the window.  The Mermaid images have already caught the eye of Damien Hirst who purchased the first 3 completed works, and the mythological figure is experiencing something of a renaissance in popular culture this year with the imminent release of ‘Pan’, featuring Cara Delevingne as a Goddess of the Sea.

For the new exhibition Santini has also created fetal imagery that reference birth and rebirth, trippy cubist animations celebrating the joy of life, and the ‘Love’ image of a nude torso twisting and turning in an infinite loop against a black background, representing the circle of life, and Genesis – the beginning of life itself.


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Now you can follow the antics of Derrick’s beloved dog Lily on Facebook – she has her own page, naturally.

With 16 years worth of scene-stealing celebrity portraits, ‘Like’ Lily if you want to see more…



Pictures With Lily

We’re all just collecting memories… or it’s all back to Plato’s, by Derrick Santini.  Read the full article for Camera Obscura Magazine here.


Coming soon. GODDOG

GodDog is a collective hub of creativity and expression. A pioneering assembly of creative players with the desire to explore, question, excite, innovate and invigorate. It is a voice with answers, a desire to suggest and create.

GodDogs think as individuals, merging in symbiosis to pioneer the concept of an autonomous ‘ideas factory’. Through the synergy of the members come collaborations, commissions, concepts and events – minds capable of drawing together and pooling the resources from their creative fields of expertise for the conception and execution of commercial projects and briefs.

Goddog is together, separately. Disparate in discipline yet unified in mission, members collaborate through sharing ideas and solutions as virtual content streams, real world design and self-authored outputs.

GodDog is a cultural network with the ethos of enterprise – driven and energised by a collective dynamic, drawing on social capital to deliver cultural capital. As the network grows so does the potential and influence of the group and that of the individuals it is comprised of.

GodDog’s currency is the content provided by members and as such inclusion is determined by individuality, integrity, originality and innovation – the voices we want and need to hear.

GodDog is the acknowledgement of what can be.

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Tomorrow sees the opening of a new public-minded private members club in London that is demolishing stereotypes.  The House of St Barnabas foundation is launching a not-for-profit members’ club in Soho, as a way of training and providing employment opportunities to those affected by homelessness.

Curator Katie Heller has devised an art programme for the House, titled ‘The Collective’, to serve in the same spirit of public-mindedness.  Derrick Santini has a lenticular artwork featuring in the exhibition, his work will feature alongside that of artists such as Tracey Emin, Martin Creed and Jeremy Deller, who have all donated art works for permanent display, and a percentage of all art sold will go to fund the charity.

Rather than the elitism of traditional members’ clubs, The House of St Barnabas aims to be fully inclusive - anyone is allowed to apply to the charity run club, they want to create a mix – social workers, people in the charity sector, scientists… it’s all about “come and enjoy the arts – don’t take yourself too seriously”.

Read the full article on Dazed Digital, or find out more about The House of St Barnabas.


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Cult Parisien store Colette is set to commemorate it’s series of in-store exhibitions with the launch of a new photo-archive book curated by Sarah Andelman, detailing past shows including their hosting of the international i-D Soul exhibition in Paris.  The book will feature gorgeous glossy images, including the iconic ‘i-D Family Future’ series shot by Derrick Santini.

Keep your eyes peeled for the launch of this cult book online at


Sex on Show: Seeing the Erotic in Greece and Rome published by the British Museum and featuring Derrick Santini’s lenticular artwork ‘A Fool for Love’ is now available to buy online.

Drawing on the British Museum’s extensive collection of classical works, award-winning author Caroline Vout examines the abundance of sexual imagery in Greek and Roman culture and the questions that arise from it: are we right to see this material as ‘sexual’? Are the images about sex or love? Were they intended to be stimulating, moralizing, shocking or humorous? Are our responses to them akin to those of the ancients? The answers to these questions provide fascinating insights into ancient attitudes to art, religion, politics, sex, gender and the body. They reveal how the ancients saw themselves and their world, and how subsequent centuries have seen them.

Covering the sixth century BC to the fourth century AD, and embracing Renaissance and post-Renaissance material, Sex on Show uses detailed visual analysis to ask not what but how, why and to what effect. Beautifully written and lavishly illustrated, this book does not simply address theories of sexual practice or social history; it is a visual history – about what it meant and still means to have sex stare us in the face.

You can read an exclusive extract on the British Museum Books Blog.

Sex on Show